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I have two pleas for help.

Despite RL, I managed a bit of Dark Angel Alec/Logan fic for the DA Big Bang. Um, about 100 pages worth. Yikes! I have a beta working on the last half of the bane of my existence fic but I also made adjustments as per beta reader's suggestions so I need a read-through. Anyone interested?

And I'm signed up to write Donald Strachey fic. I have an idea but need to write to someone to keep me on track, like an alpha-reader and then someone to go over it (a beta-reader).


Warning: mommy's grammar is bad as, well, bad. LOL.
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I was rudely cut off driving to Stop-n-Shop, cut in front of at the register lines, had nearly gotten my shopping cart taken because I stepped away to reach for the canned pumpkins, I come home: chicken, chestnuts, celery, potatoes, yams, pork chops, all the things to make a Thanksgiving and hubby just now, peers into the fridge with a hang dog expression and says...

"Aw, no Cool Whip?"

-mommy's counting to ten before toeing scale discretely over to hubby-

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I signed up for NaNoWriMo to get me back to writing my sequels.

What have I done?

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Hey kids,

So have been reposting/recoding "Oncoming Storm" as fast as I can and realized there is no way I can do that and post the sequel at the same time. There are things to tweak, plots to readjust because even ignoring "theseasonwenotsayoutloud", there are background info I need to incorporate into season two to make it all work. So...

September. Honest. I want the time to finish up the "Nine Months to Heaven" series as well and while I'll be posting Star Trek here in the interim, please know Janto is being toiled away, polished and put into pink shirts and denim jeans. :)

Just redoing "Oncoming" is taking much longer than I anticipated!

Smooches to all,


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