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Turkey? Chicken? Pork chops? Pot roast? Ribs?! (Ribs?!)

Why couldn't my family be vegetarians? Grocery shopping for Thanksgiving would be so much easier:

Menu: Mash potatoes. More mash potatoes. And yes, mash potatoes.

And pie.


Who Shouldn't Be Eating This Much Carbs,
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Five pounds. Five! In a month when I was trying to lose. And Halloween baking tomorrow. I'm done for. Pray for me, my LJ siblings. Give me strength to resist test tasting snacking the cupcakes and cookies I'm baking.

This would be better if fic came out of my frustrations but all I've done is read, read, and read. I'm binging on Inception, Avengers, and Star Trek slash fic. You would think reading about all those pretty people would motivate me to revisit my bike. Nope, not working.

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AO3 1
Mommy 0


Remind me never, ever write this long again!

Almost finished posting on AO3. Hoping to be done by Friday. I'm napping now. Zzzz

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Remind me never to write this long again. It's taking me forever to put it up on AO3. Got up to chapter 18. I need a nap....LOL.

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I've been quiet because my computer was quiet. On a library computer right now. Hubby promised a new laptop and Avengers for my birthday. Saw a lot of comments, PM's and just wanted to say I'm still here! I got writer's block the size of the dead tree we need to figure out how to pay for to take down. (tree or computer, hm)

Just wanted to say I'm still here, in withdrawal of fic. Luckily, I had loaded far more fic than necessary for my cruise, about 500+ or so onto my little Kindle but I will go through withdrawal soon. Terrifying.

Hope you all are well out there. Be back soon. Hopefully!

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Leaving on trip in two weeks. All I've planned so far is what to wear, tried everything today and nothing fits. Mommy going in a muumuu. LOL...

If I chain myself in the bedroom for a week and only write, maybe I'll drop a pound? (hopeful)
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The day you discover your darling babies' gifts can no longer be found in the cute cuddly, wuddly, fuzzy toy aisle is almost as bad as the day you discover all those pints of ice cream *do* end up on your hips.

They're ten. Ten. My babies. Wah.



Sep. 5th, 2011 06:29 pm
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We're okay. Irene snubbed us. Sort of. No hurricane. Just lots of wind and flooding. What we don't have a lot of now are trees. I have no tree now. My neighbor has no canopy on his deck. Lord knows where that ugly thing went. Hubby should have arrested him for not tying it down.

Mommy's a gardener this week, last week. Labor day? Ha!

Anyone wants 6 gallons of Sunny D and 8 boxes of Yankee Doodles? No, didn't buy them for the hurricane. Got them on sale before, but during that weekend and days after until power, we got pretty sick of them. LOL.

Hope all you on the East coast fared well!
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Luckily, mommy went binge grocery shopping last week at one of those warehouse stores. If hubby's new generator fails while he's out on patrol (Wah, why?!) or my roof buckles, the twins, my cats and I can live off thawed Pop Tarts, cold cuts, carrot sticks, Oreos and Sunny D. The twins are excited. My cats are not. Guess where I stand? :P

Stay dry and stay safe, my East coast sibs!


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