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Now, this isn't slash (gasp) but considering I was part of the group pestering [livejournal.com profile] mrwubbles to write this fic when she first thought about it, well, I'm going to post the link up here like a proud momma and a drawing pinned to her icebox door.

Fic: Behind the Shield

Why Mommy Reads It: It's Star Trek in the White Collar universe. It's Jim and Bones in the Peter and Neal bromance. I'll say nothing more, let you all be your own judges. There are many, many wonderful [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang fics out there I will rec later on. I just had to rec this one first because I'm biased. Lol.

And yes, I've signed up for NaNoWriMo but this November, it is all about the sequels. I hope to be posting again soon.

After baking six dozen cookies and cupcakes for the twins' bake sale.

Currently, no plots, just my boys covered in frosting.

-giggling manically from the sugar-

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It's sad, I know. One-track mind. I've been in the mood for vulnerable!Jack with a dash (or dashing) strong!Ianto on the side. My problem is as I search rec lists, I get...distracted.


-arms flailing, startles cats on her feet- I can't get distracted, I have a fic to write! Five hours got sucked away as I browsed and suddenly it was time to make dinner. Oh noooo...

So, a sad, somewhat lazy request. Anyone with any recs they would be willing to share? I'm looking hurt-comforty, wibble!Jack, caretaker!Ianto fics. I can't search anymore, must concentrate. The recs would be my reward once fic is done.

Help! : )
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Looking for a nice angsty icon for My Ongoing Storm fic. I love my icons from the talented pool out there but they're rather too warm/fuzzy for my fic. As the story gears up to go my usual dark path and we finally see Ianto, I'm looking for a nice icon appropriate for it. Help? I want to look, but afraid it would detract from the writing. I'm hoping for recommendations for a nice Vulnerable!Jack, Angst!Janto pic out there.  


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