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Not for me, though. Sadly, my writing has slowed considerably with my age (lol) although my latest obsession I have with a Dark Angel AU and an Avengers AU is a bit frightening.

A friend of mine [livejournal.com profile] mrwubbles is in need of a beta or betas. However, she is a gen writer (I like her anyway, LOL) and as much as I tried to help her, my grammar skills are as bad as she thinks hers is.

Her main reason for needing betas is that she's writing gift fics that are for her regular betas. Not much a surprise if she gives them to edit. LOL.

I'm muzzy about LJ. But perhaps you all would know better. Are there LJ communities where one could find a beta? She's multi-fandom though. Not kidding; she actively writes in eight different fandoms but she never posts anything that hasn't been reviewed and proofed first.

And yes, still writing on my end. Eye of the Storm, if it still interests you, is at 30%. But slowly. Working full-time now and forgotten how tiring it gets when I put in a full day. But it keeps the mortgage at bay and fills my coffers for the twins' college funds. (shudder)

Why can't I win Powerball? I don't think anyone has won in NH!


PS: hello, hugs and kisses to all by the way! :)
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It's sad, I know. One-track mind. I've been in the mood for vulnerable!Jack with a dash (or dashing) strong!Ianto on the side. My problem is as I search rec lists, I get...distracted.


-arms flailing, startles cats on her feet- I can't get distracted, I have a fic to write! Five hours got sucked away as I browsed and suddenly it was time to make dinner. Oh noooo...

So, a sad, somewhat lazy request. Anyone with any recs they would be willing to share? I'm looking hurt-comforty, wibble!Jack, caretaker!Ianto fics. I can't search anymore, must concentrate. The recs would be my reward once fic is done.

Help! : )
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As you know, we're drawing near the end -sniffles- of season 1 and heading towards the Utopia arc of our AU. I realized as I was plotting out the rest of the story that the current icon might not work then. (Yes, there was a purpose to it).

Anyone out there can suggest a more apt icon for the rest of the chapters? Yes, I may have to buckle down and upgrade my LJ for more icons. 

-practicing woeful look to get hubby's credit card-
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Looking for a nice angsty icon for My Ongoing Storm fic. I love my icons from the talented pool out there but they're rather too warm/fuzzy for my fic. As the story gears up to go my usual dark path and we finally see Ianto, I'm looking for a nice icon appropriate for it. Help? I want to look, but afraid it would detract from the writing. I'm hoping for recommendations for a nice Vulnerable!Jack, Angst!Janto pic out there.  


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