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Twins. Gotta love them. When they look at you, no matter how old, and you're attacked with matching set of puppy dog eyes. Two of everything: cuteness and...

"Mommy, we really really love your banana bread and cookies. They're awesome and yummy and wepromisedourteacheryouwouldmakethemforFriday'sbakepleasepleaseplease?"


Twins. Two of everything. Two.

Meanwhile, back in the ranch (lol), hubby has been conveniently inconvenienced with doing overtime, "Oh honey, sorry, tomorrow, okay?"

Right on laundry day. Hmmm...

Buried in flour, hands flailing in the air.

And I need to post Big Bang this Saturday.


Happy Holidays, everyone!

LOL (I think),
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My darlings,

I've been educed to the Library for my Internet for the time being so understandably my time playing in LJ w2as reduced significantly. If you had posted, messaged, commented, friended recently, to coin what I overheard some kids: this suck. LOL.

Not ignoring you all. I desperately want to reach out and read but alas....

Soon though. Back-to-school sales are here!

Behave! :)



Sep. 5th, 2011 06:29 pm
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We're okay. Irene snubbed us. Sort of. No hurricane. Just lots of wind and flooding. What we don't have a lot of now are trees. I have no tree now. My neighbor has no canopy on his deck. Lord knows where that ugly thing went. Hubby should have arrested him for not tying it down.

Mommy's a gardener this week, last week. Labor day? Ha!

Anyone wants 6 gallons of Sunny D and 8 boxes of Yankee Doodles? No, didn't buy them for the hurricane. Got them on sale before, but during that weekend and days after until power, we got pretty sick of them. LOL.

Hope all you on the East coast fared well!
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I miss writing.

I miss bugging my beta.

I miss replying to your posts/comments.

I miss reading fic.

I miss poking at my LJ siblings out there.

I miss being able to sit down.

I miss my pretty boys.

I miss claiming them boys as mine even when they're really not. (lol)

I miss watching TV.

Most of all, I miss you all.

Laundry, bills, groceries, housework, baking, unannounced visits, multiplying plot bunnies, broken tech things I don't understand and oh yes, my kettle is ready, but my mugs are still drying, the postman does ring twice in my neighborhood, summer is almost over, when can I get my summer vacation, where's my floor, we're out of milk, we're out of eggs, hubby gets me pound cake but I needed cake flour, minivan divorced me, my cats need their shots, the stove hates me today, I need to change the AC filters, the bedding needs to be changed--When will I get everything done?!?!

I'm just saying. LOL.
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This is pathetic. My twins have been in second grade since Tuesday and already I miss them. Wasn't I pulling my hair out all summer because we couldn't send them to camp?

I would hug my cats but too busy staring at the orange-chocolate chip scones I'm icing for their return home after band. They're taking afterschool activities! They're only in the second grade! Is the school bus here yet?

And that was my "hi, I'm still alive" post. LOL

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Okay, this is a tad more prissy than usual. Let me apologize ahead of time.

Sorry, sorry )
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Jack and Ianto hiding naked in a tree. K. I. S. S. I, N, G. First came love, then will come marriage and bloody hell will come a baby carriage! LOL...

Hitting mommy with a Gwack Stick )
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Sadly, when I upgraded my LJ account, all my formatting went to heck. I'm recoding every page as we speak, but if you're exploring the old stories, use the Master List for now as I added a tag on each link to strip it to simple b/w. I'm recoding everything of "Oncoming Storm" and yes, the betaed chapters are replacing the old ones, but bear with me. 1003 pages of fic. Yikes!
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Just wanted to say for those who were asking, I'm still here. Sorry for the silence. There were a many rants I wanted to do, particular for [livejournal.com profile] teachwriteslash. Sadly, things went personally from bad to...well...badder so I'm resting right now. Maybe throughout April. We're not sure. I just wanted to give my support to my angst queens because their daily doses of fic is what makes the day go by easier and bid hello to [livejournal.com profile] schnuffie, , [livejournal.com profile] tiggerbrasilf and [livejournal.com profile] harkness_101 who had friended then generously commented. I hadn't a chance to review the comments but please know I do appreciate them like I do adore each and every LJ luv I've been so damn lucky to know.

I'll be back soon. I'm quietly ranting in my head about stupid people. Nuff said. LOL
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-exasperated sigh- Let it be a lesson to all you moms and moms-to-be: when you tell your children to pick up their toys...

Be sure to include your hubbies and their motorized mini-Daleks, too.

TOS Sunday, darlings. I'm going to get me a hot water bottle for the weekend. Ouch.

UPDATE 1/26/09: mommy's going to the doctor's today, gang. Hopefully, doctor will give mommy nice painkillers. Will try to post tonight, if too dopey, tomorrow as I gotta finishing coding it first. Smooches and don't trip and fall on rear like mommy.


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